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Why I never cheated!

Good morning lovely people!

I hope you are having a great start of this week. Its christmas week and the sun is shining, could it be any better? Well some snow would be really nice but at least its cold and frost outside, always something.   I just came home from a singing morning at my sons school. Every Monday morning in December they have been sining christmas songs together and it was a really nice start of this week. Had my smallest kids with me as well and as they love music its was a success. They both cant wait until its time for them to start school and they dont have to wait to long as they start kindergarten next year. My little babies is getting big.

So this is a post about why I never cheated. I never just had a carb cheating day and I was never even tempted. I have been sitting on a lot of dinners this year and had to explain why I dont want to have a dessert full of sugar and why its not even tempting. I will explain for you.

I love to have this new body. Its a great feeling to not be ashamed of yourself anymore. Its great to have this amount of energy that you get after losing 32 kg. Before I lost my weight there was ONE place in this world where I felt totally comfortable. At home. I never thought about how I looked like at home and felt really good as no one judged me. But as soon as a took one step outside the door, I started to think. Look at my self in windows, look at other people to se how they thought of me. Like I could se peoples thoughts 😉 I already wrote a post about this but it was in Swedish so I can explain it again. How it felt to always be the most overweight person around and how terrible it was to be at the beach or at a indoor swimming pool. It was terrible. And hot. To carry around over 30 kg more in the summertime was hot. Especially as I always had leggings under my skirts and always a cardigan covering my overarms. I thought so much about how I looked like and how I looked the smallest. Now, I dont do that anymore. I dress myself so I dont get cold, I go outside without even bothering look at myself in the mirror and in windows on the way. I dont care that much anymore as I love to be in this skin now. I dont feel bad in my own skin anymore, I am not ashamed. When you have gone from feeling bad to feel good and dont care, you dont want to cheat. There is no bread, no pizza and no sugar in this world that its worth it anymore.  I was sitting and looking at vacations yesterday and dreamed about being at the beach with my kids. I am a summer person but I never could really enjoy it before. Now I will love swimming in the sea with my kids. And I will love to learn skiing this year as I dont feel ashamed over myself anymore. Thats why I dont eat any desserts after dinner. Thats why I dont eat bread.  Its not worth it at all. Thats also why I eat quite a liberated LCHF. I eat vegetables freely and I do desserts from time to time. I have to be able to do this for a lifetime and then I need to do like that. Mostly I just eat food but sometimes, like now in christmas time I make lowcarb treats for the entire family.


This is one lovely treat I did yesterday (not suitable for my kids though).

200 grams of 80% chocolate

200 gram coconut oil (organic without flavor)

Melt the chocolate and put the coconut oil in.

Then add the zest of 1 orange and 2 table spoons of Grand Marnier.

Sprinkle some cocos over it.

Put it on a tray or in forms and cool down. Cut it in pieces and store in a cool place. Its a perfect treat as the coconut oil make it very fatty and you cant overeat it 😉 I will do on more of this (but half the ingredients) without Grand Marnier so the kids can eat it 😉

If I dont have time for one more blogpost before christmas I really want to wish you and your loved ones a fantastic holiday time. Be together, be outside and breath fresh air, watch some cheezy movies, spoil your family with hugs, laughter and gifts and enjoy this time of the year.





Lussekatt/ Luciabun with saffron





DSC_0105Oven at 175 C


4 eggs + 1 yolk

2 tablespoons sweetening

50 gram butter

1 dl cream

1 dl coconutflour

4 tablespoons psyllium husk

2 teaspoons backing powder

0,5 gram saffron

1 egg white to brush over before it goes in to oven

Do like this:

1.Stir eggs + yolt until its fluffy. At least 5 minutes. 

2. Melt the butter and put it in the egg fluff together with saffron, sweetener and cream. Mix it together. 

3. Mix the dry ingredients in a separate bowl and then gently mix them together with the other mixture. 

Let it swell at least 5 minutes. 

Form them to classical saffran buns or put them in muffin forms and on a baking sheet.  Brush the egg white lightly over them and put som raisin nuts or whatever you like in them. 

175 C for around 15 minutes in the oven. They taste nice and I was amazed as I am a little bit skeptical to alternative things for classical stuff like saffran buns. 

With Love,

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