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Why I never cheated!

Good morning lovely people!

I hope you are having a great start of this week. Its christmas week and the sun is shining, could it be any better? Well some snow would be really nice but at least its cold and frost outside, always something.   I just came home from a singing morning at my sons school. Every Monday morning in December they have been sining christmas songs together and it was a really nice start of this week. Had my smallest kids with me as well and as they love music its was a success. They both cant wait until its time for them to start school and they dont have to wait to long as they start kindergarten next year. My little babies is getting big.

So this is a post about why I never cheated. I never just had a carb cheating day and I was never even tempted. I have been sitting on a lot of dinners this year and had to explain why I dont want to have a dessert full of sugar and why its not even tempting. I will explain for you.

I love to have this new body. Its a great feeling to not be ashamed of yourself anymore. Its great to have this amount of energy that you get after losing 32 kg. Before I lost my weight there was ONE place in this world where I felt totally comfortable. At home. I never thought about how I looked like at home and felt really good as no one judged me. But as soon as a took one step outside the door, I started to think. Look at my self in windows, look at other people to se how they thought of me. Like I could se peoples thoughts 😉 I already wrote a post about this but it was in Swedish so I can explain it again. How it felt to always be the most overweight person around and how terrible it was to be at the beach or at a indoor swimming pool. It was terrible. And hot. To carry around over 30 kg more in the summertime was hot. Especially as I always had leggings under my skirts and always a cardigan covering my overarms. I thought so much about how I looked like and how I looked the smallest. Now, I dont do that anymore. I dress myself so I dont get cold, I go outside without even bothering look at myself in the mirror and in windows on the way. I dont care that much anymore as I love to be in this skin now. I dont feel bad in my own skin anymore, I am not ashamed. When you have gone from feeling bad to feel good and dont care, you dont want to cheat. There is no bread, no pizza and no sugar in this world that its worth it anymore.  I was sitting and looking at vacations yesterday and dreamed about being at the beach with my kids. I am a summer person but I never could really enjoy it before. Now I will love swimming in the sea with my kids. And I will love to learn skiing this year as I dont feel ashamed over myself anymore. Thats why I dont eat any desserts after dinner. Thats why I dont eat bread.  Its not worth it at all. Thats also why I eat quite a liberated LCHF. I eat vegetables freely and I do desserts from time to time. I have to be able to do this for a lifetime and then I need to do like that. Mostly I just eat food but sometimes, like now in christmas time I make lowcarb treats for the entire family.


This is one lovely treat I did yesterday (not suitable for my kids though).

200 grams of 80% chocolate

200 gram coconut oil (organic without flavor)

Melt the chocolate and put the coconut oil in.

Then add the zest of 1 orange and 2 table spoons of Grand Marnier.

Sprinkle some cocos over it.

Put it on a tray or in forms and cool down. Cut it in pieces and store in a cool place. Its a perfect treat as the coconut oil make it very fatty and you cant overeat it 😉 I will do on more of this (but half the ingredients) without Grand Marnier so the kids can eat it 😉

If I dont have time for one more blogpost before christmas I really want to wish you and your loved ones a fantastic holiday time. Be together, be outside and breath fresh air, watch some cheezy movies, spoil your family with hugs, laughter and gifts and enjoy this time of the year.





Lussekatt/ Luciabun with saffron





DSC_0105Oven at 175 C


4 eggs + 1 yolk

2 tablespoons sweetening

50 gram butter

1 dl cream

1 dl coconutflour

4 tablespoons psyllium husk

2 teaspoons backing powder

0,5 gram saffron

1 egg white to brush over before it goes in to oven

Do like this:

1.Stir eggs + yolt until its fluffy. At least 5 minutes. 

2. Melt the butter and put it in the egg fluff together with saffron, sweetener and cream. Mix it together. 

3. Mix the dry ingredients in a separate bowl and then gently mix them together with the other mixture. 

Let it swell at least 5 minutes. 

Form them to classical saffran buns or put them in muffin forms and on a baking sheet.  Brush the egg white lightly over them and put som raisin nuts or whatever you like in them. 

175 C for around 15 minutes in the oven. They taste nice and I was amazed as I am a little bit skeptical to alternative things for classical stuff like saffran buns. 

With Love,

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A typical eating day for me!

So first, hi to all new lovely readers! Since I posted my blog at a great big LCHF group on facebook I got so many new readers and lovely comments. And also a lot of questions how I have been eating to lose all this weight.



So first. My food philosophy.

Food for me is not just something you eat to lose weight. During my journey I have gone from thinking how to eat to lose weight to think how to eat to feel good. And I feel good when I am losing weight but its not my focus anymore even if I have 10-15 kilos left until I am “finished”. My focus is to eat balanced food done with real ingredients. Real food. No junkfood. I eat full fat products, no light here. Real butter and real cream. Nothing in the middle. I dont eat butter on a spoon but I am not afraid of it. And it makes your food taste really good 😉

So, I have recived a lot of questions about how I eat a typical day. This is what I have learned to eat and know works for me. I dont count carbs.  There are some people who count but for me LCHF is free of counting. I try to eat products with less then 5 gram carbs per 100 grams. But I dont count the amount I eat everyday. If I have a feeling that nothing happens i try to eat more strict some weeks but I never count. I have been counting calories and points so many year so I am so tierd of that 😉 So please, read this as inspiration and I cant promise anyone that exactly this will work on your body. A part of a weightloss journey is to get to know your body and whats works best for you.


Things I eat for breakfast is normally: scrambled eggs and bacon, smoothie done with fat youghurt, cream and berries, boiled eggs and seed crackers. Coffee. Today I had scrambled eggs and bacon with a cappucino. 


I try to make a lot of dinner the night before so I at least have something small left from yesterday. I love to have homemade coleslaw which I can combine with some ham. Other things I eat is: tuna salad, eggs and bacon (if I dont have had it for breakfast), LCHF pancakes with whipped cream, diffrent kind of salads with fat sause and some eggs. Today I had tacolunch with the kids. Its ground/miced beef with vegetables, cremefraiche and some homemade guacamole and cheese of course. 


For dinner I make  various things. Yesterday I had chicken with a creamy sauce and creamed leek.  I often frie meat and have something to it. In the summertime its often something cold like asparagus or beansalad. In the winter time I eat a lot of kale. I love to have oven vegetables like zucchini, eggplant, onions and other veggies. In the oven for aprox 30 minutes and a lot of olive oil on it. Today I will make roasted chicken (one big chicken) with veggies and a fetacheese cream. 


I try to avoid eating in between meals but sometimes I am hungry and need to eat. It can be some seedcrackers, youghurt, nuts, egg, salami sticks and so on. There is a lot of options for good snacks and its important to keep full in the beginning as a hungry person is the one who will have problem with sugarcravings for example. 

So, that was a small list. I will update this blog more often and also give you guys some recipes.

Wish you a lovely day or a good night sleep depending on where you are in this world. I am sitting on my heated conservatory (is that even a word that someone use? I google it if someone wonders, my english is not what it should be after so many years with german and swedish) and have had some coffee and youghurt with nuts. Now its time to make some more xmas goodies with the kids 🙂


With Love,






Its been a great year!


So I started to write in english and I thought why not try again. I am sitting in my not so clean kitchen after some xmas cookies making with 4 kiddohs. They love it and all of them can do almost everything by themself now, thats a huge step forward 🙂

So, its almost newyear and then I will celebrate 1 year with LCHF. Its the foodstyle that changed my life and I am forever thankful for all the inspiration I got from blogs, instagram, newspapers, friends and family. Its been a great year.

I started at 112 heavy kilos in January. I have weight even more 2 years ago, at most 116. I am down to 80 kilos now so its 32 kilos since january. Quite amazing right? I am proud over what I have done so far. I cant really understand that I “just” have 10-15 kilos until I am normal. I have always known that I need to lose 45 kilos and its been like a heavy bag on my shoulders. Its not like I didnt know it, I was well aware of it. But had no tools and no energy to do something about it. But you just come to a point when you feel like: I cant have it like this anymore. I cant have my overweight as an excuse for not skiing for example. I cant have it as a obstacle in my life. I was just so done with that. If you read this and feel like starting, dont hesitate to contact me. I know how it is. I have been there longer then I have been on the other side. I can help you with the first steps in the right direction and give you inspiration and motivation.

So here is a before and after picture:


Take care now! Wish you all a lovely xmas time. For the first time in my life I dont focus on all the sweets that you can eat 😉 I focus on the music, on the decorations, gifts, family and also all nice food. I will try to make some LCHF friendly sweets aswell but not to many 😉




Trevlig helg!

Det är fredag eftermiddag och jag sitter ner. Har hållit i gång hela dagen. Började morgonen med kaffe hos en vän och lite snick snack och roliga saker. Snabb promenad i ösregn tills maken plockade upp mig för att köra till gymmet. Där tränade vi tillsammans, jag körde hans program i dag och hade mer fokus på mina stackars svaga armar.  Jag har starka ben märkte jag i dag, kunde fördubbla på benpressen och det gick ändå.  När jag är i målvikt kommer jag satsa mkt på armarna, de är så sjukt vobbliga nu. Som två geleklumpar som hänger 😉 Det blir väl så när man går ner gissar jag men det är sanslöst trist. Men, det gör mig bara mer motiverad att köra hårt så det ryker 🙂
Hur som, efter träningen käkade vi lunch och sen tillbaka till gymmet men inte för att träna, var inte orolig 😉 De har en Beauty avdelning så jag gav mig själv lite belöning i form av hetvax i ansiktet. Visste ni att uttrycket “Vill man vara fin får man lida pin” finns på tyska också. Jag försökte nämligen direkt översätta det från svenska med blandat resultat varpå hon fint påpekade att det finns på tyska också men man säger så här…..Börjar bli som min man, han håller alltid på med massa ordspråk på svenska som han ska försöka förklara på tyska varpå det slutar med att JAG får hjälpa honom eftersom han är lite mer begränsad i språket än mig…

Hur som helst, det heter i alla fall: “Wer schön sein will, muss leiden.” Och det stämmer om man pratar om hetvax. Speciellt i ansiktet.  Men det går snabbt, tar 20 min så har man snyggaste ögonbrynen i stan 😉 Så det får det helt enkelt vara värt.

Nu kära ni ska jag röja snabbt innan jag snörar på mig skorna och ger mig av på en snabb promenad till affären där lite småsaker ska inhandlas till middagen i kväll för att sen gå till dagis och hämta mina små barn. Sen är det helg, och det ska bli skönt. Vi ser ut att fortsatt kunna njuta av fint väder även om jag i morse kände att jag tycker det är väldigt mysigt med hösten och alla löv, blåst och regn. I lagom dos vill säga 😉

So, a shorty in english. Had this lovely day today and a tuff work out session with my husband. We also had lunch together and afterwards I went back to my fitness center but in the beautyarea and had some qualitytime with hot wax in my face. It was painful but in the end my eyebrows looks just great 😉

Now I will take a walk in the sun to do some shopping and then pick up my kids at daycare. I am not sure about this english writing, it feels so strange. I think I will try german next time but I need some more time then 😉






Liten bildkavalkad kommer här:

Some pictures:




Detta mina vänner var gott som bara den. Köttfärsbiffar, blomkålsmos och gräddsås. Tallrikarna var klinskt rena efteråt 😉

This was just so yummie. Meatballs,  mashed cauliflower and some sause. (Sorry for my english, I have a hard time remembering what you call diffrent foodstuff in english as I mostly speak german)




Har haft en avocadovecka. Ätit bacon, acovado med citron, lök och tomat flera frukostar denna veckan. Lite less på äggröra kände jag, behövde förnya mig men ändå få i mig fett…

I have been eating this a lot this week. Its a avocado week for sure 😉






Embrace the season! Jag lär mig att älska höst, kyla och mörker. Jag gillar visserligen alltid hösten till en början men detta år ska jag verkligen omfamna den med glädje 🙂

I try to really embrace fall this year and do what I can to have a wonderful time.





Ägg ägg ägg. Många ägg äter vi varje vecka. Väldigt många ägg. 🙂

Eggs eggs eggs. We are eating a lot of eggs each week. A lot 😉

Hej finaste ni!

En glad nyhet va? Min nya blogg med eget namn och allt. Bloggar inte längre under lchfannaschweiz utan skriver nu på min alldeles egna sida. Jag håller fortfarande på att lära mig hur jag ska hantera den och få den att bli som jag vill ha den men tillsvidare är jag nöjd.

Planen är även att skriva allt på engelska. Kanske ska jag skriva bara på engelska, eller på båda språken. Vågar jag mig på att skriva på tyska också? Det återstår i såfall att se!

Annars har inte mycket hänt här. Följer fajten mellan Paolo Roberto och LCHF anhängare så här på avstånd. Vet inte om jag ska skratta eller gråta, men förstår inte varför folk inte låter andra människor och deras kostval vara i fred? Det jag mår bra av kanske inte du mår bra av, och vice versa. Även om jag tror att alla skulle må bra av att dra ner på spannmål och socker.


Detta mina vänner är vad jag kallar en utsökt middag. En god köttbit, lite hemmagjord bearnaisesås och ugnsgrönsaker. Vem behöver ris pasta eller potatis då?


I morse körde jag ett svettigt Zumbapass igen. Det var hmm, ja alltså det var jobbigt. På alla plan. Tror inte det är min grej det där med Zumba, vi får se vart det tar vägen och om jag fortsätter eller inte.


Gårdagens lunch. Väldigt väldigt gott.Om jag saknade pasta? Nope? Om jag vräkte i mig massa fett bara för att fylla på? Nej, inte det heller. Det är sund och god mat för en kropp som vid minsta lilla övertramp mår pest. Idag var en sån dag. Åt på en VEGAN restaurang. Lite knepigt när man inte äter linser osv, men det gick bra. Tills jag kom hem, då mådde jag pyton ett par timmar. Vet inte om det var maten i sig eller om det var för mycket kolhydrater för min mage men bra mådde jag inte. Lite barbariskt så kände jag för KÖTT efteråt och kände mig glad och nöjd över att jag inte är vegan. Vegetarian kan jag förstå men vegan är bara jobbigt.

Men hörrni, nu kör vi på en ny växel denna höst. Mer träning, fortsätta med bra mat och mer bloggande! Häng på och kommentera gärna, dela länken och fortsätt följa min resa mot ett gladare och spralligare jag!