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My name is Anna. I am 30 years old and have always since I can remember struggled with my weight. I have been trying out diffrent kind of diets, shakes, calorie counting and other stuff. But nothing really worked for me. But then I started to eat lowcarb, or as I also call it, LCHF.  That stands for Low Carb High Fat and it changed my life. It gave me tools to find a new way of eating , working out and enjoy life. I got my happiness back and so far I lost 27 kilos. Its a life journey and I am happy that you want to share it with me.

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  1. Lisa

    Hi Anna, thank you for sharing your story. I started lchf about 3 weeks ago and felt like it was going well, but now I feel like nothing is changing. I then read your story and I am now determined to stick with it. I have about 30 kg to loose and like you I have tried all sorts of diets, shakes and I have sat out so many things because of my weight. Thanks for the inspiration, I will keep on going!

    1. annaskoog Post author

      Hi Lisa!
      So happy that you found my blog and congratulations to a decision that can change your life!
      You have to give it some time, it took you time to gain this kilos in the beginning right? Your body needs to adjust to this new woa and you have to continue and have patience. Do you do any work out? I didnt in the beginning but now Im a gym addict 😉 But the thing I find makes the biggest diffrence is walking. Music in your ears fresh air and walkes. Its lovely for your mind and make a big diffrence on your weightloss.


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