Very very tierd!

Hi all!

I have had some really late evenings last couple of weeks. I have been sitting up late working and I have been doing other stuff. Like ordering xmas gifts and making some candy for partys. I am fighting with myself at this very moment, if I should take myself to the kitchen and make my sons cake for tomorrows party or if I should go to bed. I dont know yet who of the two voices in my head that will win 😉 When I started to take care of myself, I also started to care for my sleeping hours. Its just that I am a pure evening person that if I start with something in the kitchen I will probably be late 😉 Listening to some music, do some work and making this cake all at once. With some strange energy that comes to me after 9 pm.

I have done all my xmas shopping. I am amazed that its done now. I am just waiting for some things get delivered to our house. I am in love with internet shopping as it makes it all so mouch easier. Now I just need to wrap them all in papers that i bought today and wait for xmas to come. Hardest person is always my husband. I think I got some really good things for him but it aint easy thats for sure.

So Im afraid thats all I have for tonight. Wish you a good night sleep or a good day if you are one of my readers from other parts of the world.

Take care!

Love, Anna


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