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So this is just a quick motivation blogpost. Maybe you are in the move of making a change in your life as we are coming closer to new year. Last year this time I was very overweight and not happy. I mean, I was happy with my lovely family but my weight was a big thing in my life. For some reason I decided to start with LCHF in 2014 and that really changed my life. I went from a overweight tierd girl on the picture to the right. I mean, I look happy I know but i was not happy inside. I was always scanning the room when I came somewhere to se if I was the biggest or not. Me on the picture with the red dress is a very happy me.  A me that really dont care that mouch about what other people thinks anymore. I am happy from within.  So if you feel tierd of always think about what other people think of you and take control over yourself and not let other people have control over you. Take control this year. LCHF can be your way of doing it, or something else but please, take control.

IMG_3068 DSC_0513

Wish you all a lovely week. Dont stress that mouch, it will be xmas anyway 😉

Love, Anna

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