Its been a great year!


So I started to write in english and I thought why not try again. I am sitting in my not so clean kitchen after some xmas cookies making with 4 kiddohs. They love it and all of them can do almost everything by themself now, thats a huge step forward 🙂

So, its almost newyear and then I will celebrate 1 year with LCHF. Its the foodstyle that changed my life and I am forever thankful for all the inspiration I got from blogs, instagram, newspapers, friends and family. Its been a great year.

I started at 112 heavy kilos in January. I have weight even more 2 years ago, at most 116. I am down to 80 kilos now so its 32 kilos since january. Quite amazing right? I am proud over what I have done so far. I cant really understand that I “just” have 10-15 kilos until I am normal. I have always known that I need to lose 45 kilos and its been like a heavy bag on my shoulders. Its not like I didnt know it, I was well aware of it. But had no tools and no energy to do something about it. But you just come to a point when you feel like: I cant have it like this anymore. I cant have my overweight as an excuse for not skiing for example. I cant have it as a obstacle in my life. I was just so done with that. If you read this and feel like starting, dont hesitate to contact me. I know how it is. I have been there longer then I have been on the other side. I can help you with the first steps in the right direction and give you inspiration and motivation.

So here is a before and after picture:


Take care now! Wish you all a lovely xmas time. For the first time in my life I dont focus on all the sweets that you can eat 😉 I focus on the music, on the decorations, gifts, family and also all nice food. I will try to make some LCHF friendly sweets aswell but not to many 😉




4 thoughts on “Its been a great year!

  1. tania

    Wow its like you are me but I am still you 12 months ago! Please help how did you start what was a typical food day for you???

  2. Roxanna

    Hi !!! Congrats on you accomplishment! I love your blogs! I have been struggling to stick to LCHF and I think if you can share what ur daily meal looks like it can help me a lot! Thank u again and keep blogging looking foward to ur reply

    1. annaskoog Post author

      Hi Roxanna! I have got this questions a couple of times now on the FB page aswell. I will make a blogpost about it today so take a look here soon 🙂


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