A typical eating day for me!

So first, hi to all new lovely readers! Since I posted my blog at a great big LCHF group on facebook I got so many new readers and lovely comments. And also a lot of questions how I have been eating to lose all this weight.



So first. My food philosophy.

Food for me is not just something you eat to lose weight. During my journey I have gone from thinking how to eat to lose weight to think how to eat to feel good. And I feel good when I am losing weight but its not my focus anymore even if I have 10-15 kilos left until I am “finished”. My focus is to eat balanced food done with real ingredients. Real food. No junkfood. I eat full fat products, no light here. Real butter and real cream. Nothing in the middle. I dont eat butter on a spoon but I am not afraid of it. And it makes your food taste really good 😉

So, I have recived a lot of questions about how I eat a typical day. This is what I have learned to eat and know works for me. I dont count carbs.  There are some people who count but for me LCHF is free of counting. I try to eat products with less then 5 gram carbs per 100 grams. But I dont count the amount I eat everyday. If I have a feeling that nothing happens i try to eat more strict some weeks but I never count. I have been counting calories and points so many year so I am so tierd of that 😉 So please, read this as inspiration and I cant promise anyone that exactly this will work on your body. A part of a weightloss journey is to get to know your body and whats works best for you.


Things I eat for breakfast is normally: scrambled eggs and bacon, smoothie done with fat youghurt, cream and berries, boiled eggs and seed crackers. Coffee. Today I had scrambled eggs and bacon with a cappucino. 


I try to make a lot of dinner the night before so I at least have something small left from yesterday. I love to have homemade coleslaw which I can combine with some ham. Other things I eat is: tuna salad, eggs and bacon (if I dont have had it for breakfast), LCHF pancakes with whipped cream, diffrent kind of salads with fat sause and some eggs. Today I had tacolunch with the kids. Its ground/miced beef with vegetables, cremefraiche and some homemade guacamole and cheese of course. 


For dinner I make  various things. Yesterday I had chicken with a creamy sauce and creamed leek.  I often frie meat and have something to it. In the summertime its often something cold like asparagus or beansalad. In the winter time I eat a lot of kale. I love to have oven vegetables like zucchini, eggplant, onions and other veggies. In the oven for aprox 30 minutes and a lot of olive oil on it. Today I will make roasted chicken (one big chicken) with veggies and a fetacheese cream. 


I try to avoid eating in between meals but sometimes I am hungry and need to eat. It can be some seedcrackers, youghurt, nuts, egg, salami sticks and so on. There is a lot of options for good snacks and its important to keep full in the beginning as a hungry person is the one who will have problem with sugarcravings for example. 

So, that was a small list. I will update this blog more often and also give you guys some recipes.

Wish you a lovely day or a good night sleep depending on where you are in this world. I am sitting on my heated conservatory (is that even a word that someone use? I google it if someone wonders, my english is not what it should be after so many years with german and swedish) and have had some coffee and youghurt with nuts. Now its time to make some more xmas goodies with the kids 🙂


With Love,






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    1. annaskoog Post author

      sötnos då 🙂
      jag fortsätter bara på i samma spår som innan, det funkar verkligen så himla bra för mig detta! Hoppas vi ses snart, miss you <3


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