My first english blogpost!


So, I decided that I will try to write in english for a while. So my not swedish-speaking friends and followers understands what I am writing. This is just a quick morning post as we have a full program for today with football, grocery shopping and the reward in the evening, tv-night with the big boys. We try to do things just with our big boys every week and just 2 hours in the sofa with some snacks and a tv-show is a really good energyboost for us all.  We always plan something active in the weekends and this weekend its something called “Slow up” in the Zürich area. Its an event when the close a street by the lake for cars and just let bikes be there. So you can ride your bike, stop to have lunch and do diffrent activities on the road. Its our first time this year and I am really looking forward to i. It will probably be full with people but its a good time for me to practice patience and to relax in a not relaxing environment.

Its autumn break for our kids now. Its lovely weather with sun and 20 degrees ouside, just perfect for free time from school. We are planning some outdoor activities this week and then we are leaving for Italy next weekend! I am reallt excited for this fall, its amazing how new doors open up when you decide to close others. Life is quite amazing 🙂


This lovely view is what I am seeing when I pick up my kids from daycare. I love to live on the Swiss countryside!

Take care!



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